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I spent today packing and getting my children ready so that I could drive them the two hours to the airport where they boarded a plane and flew (all by themselves) to visit my parents for a week and a half. So I then drove the two hours back home and was planning on consuming vast amounts of comfort food and watching Game of Thrones and pretending to be distraught that my babies are growing up so fast. Actually, I'm very proud of them that I have no worries about them flying unaccompanied. And that they will stay with grandma and grandpa all week and, while they will miss me, they will not at any point get overly upset about it.

But what did I discover when I got home? A bill for ANOTHER credit card I didn't open! YAY! So I've spent some fun times on the phone, being told that, even though the bank closed the card because they thought something was fishy and the bastard couldn't provide them with proof that he was me (duh!), they didn't classify it as fraud because the only charge he was able to make was to the cell phone company. This one had a $5,000 limit, so I am both extremely thankful that he wasn't able to charge more, and angry that he was paying bills with a card when I make more than enough money to cover the bills each month (so where did all the cash go? What in the name of the seven hells was he spending my money on?), and I'm also just a bit annoyed that he didn't charge something I could really rake him over the coals for. Because he's smart enough to charge stuff that benefits us both, the credit companies refuse to categorize it as fraud. Asshole.

Ah, well, just more proof that I'm doing the right thing by working to get out. And it also lends more weight to the argument that I just let my lawyer serve him papers while the boys and I are at the beach in August.

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