This still isn't something that anyone knows yet, since Mr Kay Kay adorably skipped a step, but....we got engaged this weekend.

We should be able to start telling people after tomorrow, but I blatantly can't wait that long to talk about it. The biggest thing for me was how completely unexpected it was! Even at the end of the fact when I had a jewellery box in front of me I was thinking "well it isn't going to be a ring, don't get your hopes up, APPRECIATE THE MOMENT". Me = not sharpest knife in drawer apparently.

We went to dinner afterwards in a lovely restaurant we went to for my birthday a couple of years ago. The entire thing has been vaguely surreal since I had ZERO clue!! I'm obviously incredibly happy!

We need to get the ring re sized, as it's too loose for us not to worry about it falling off, but.....I basically don't want to take it off? lol.


So now we have a wedding to plan, which will probably be more on my side since it's likely to be in the UK, and I have more time.