*throws open door/ Pounces in with big smile* Yells, “I made it!!” *crickets* “Oh, um seems a bit quiet in here... i’ll just unpack my stuff now...” *slinks out*

Anyways... The wedding was cute and as mrchien observed, “the most hipster wedding to have ever hipstered” I also felt old there but these things happen and i finally got to play Cards Against Humanity. Where I may have conspired with another player in a fit of inebriated exuberance to win the game, somehow *shifty eyes*

Coming home today was a bit bittersweet, not cuz I love camping, but more because I love being near the ocean and it got drier and more trafficky the further inland we drove. :( The first thing i did once i got home was dump all the stuff on the clearest spot of carpet and rushed to the shower to get the grime off! I may have taken a bit of a nap this afternoon too.. I have tons of pictures, didn’t meet many new folks because it was that kind of wedding *shrugs* and now i have to unpack at some point and finish the semester. I’ll see if i have any pics i can show here without doxxing folks at the wedding or myself in a couple of days.

But first I have to finish this classic film, cuz it’s on TV, duh! (Can you tell my brain is mush??)

So people’s.... what did you do this weekend?