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Welcome To The Bitchery

Home Alone

MrManzana got home from work about an hour ago, and then immediately had to head out of state for an overnight work trip. He thought he was going to leave in the morning and just make it a day trip, but the morning forecast calls for yet another snowstorm and leaving tonight is safest.


While I prefer it when I have warning that I will be home alone, I'm not actually that bummed. I've ordered a pizza from the place he doesn't like, and will be marathoning my favorite Buffy episodes all evening, which he doesn't like. Plus, I don't have anywhere to be tomorrow and he won't be home to throw shade at me for sleeping in way late, so I can stay up half the night just being a couch potato. The only thing making me sad is that I no longer have my sweet kitty to share this lazy night with.

ETA: My pizza is late, because the pizza place sent the delivery guy to a street that sounds similar to mine, but is actually several blocks away. Delivery guy had to call me to ask where I was. Poor fella.

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