Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I believe there are a few people here who are into home brewing, and I am wondering if anyone can offer advice? I am looking for a gift for a family member who is very into beer and is also kind of a chemistry nerd, so I thought a home brewing kit might be something he’d like.

Could anybody recommend a nice kit for a beginner, or a resource for me to do research to find one? I don’t know anything about beer. I am interested in spending between $100-200. Based on the minimal research I’ve done, it seems like I’ll need to buy a kit that contains the equipment, a kit with ingredients, and bottles/caps for the finished product. My sense is that my budget might be a bit small for this (it’s actually more than I usually am able to spend on gifts but I owe him for a nice favor). I am hoping it will be enough to get something of decent quality for a beginner.

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(That second guy is basically me about beer.)

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