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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Home-buying Experiences

I have had the itch to look at houses lately. I kind of think it’s still not the smartest choice to buy because PiranhaGuy is still finishing (online) college but in the other hand I am starting a new job here (same company, different department) and I’ve always been the more stable partner. Also, rates on mortgages are good right now and more houses in the area have been going up for sale. There is one house I saw online that I can’t stop thinking about.

Anyway, tell me your home buying experiences. Did you jump at something too soon because you were worried about losing it? Did you regret renting for so long? What are the biggest headaches in your area? For me it’s just that even fixer uppers are expensive AF for what they are. Also, the amount of houses with no air conditioning is weird to me. We don’t live in like New England or anything so I don’t see how so many houses built in the mid 70s don’t have AC. 


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