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Home cooking better for family, but not better for mom

I know I feel these feels.

I love to cook and it's important to me to eat good food that's good for me. It's been an evolutionary process, always working to improve the quality and diversity of what we eat, more fresh veggies, etc. I started doing more meal planning and that has kept costs down, as well as the stress of "what should we have tonight?"


But it's a LOT of work, most of which falls to me. Even when I ask for input I don't often get a ton of useful ideas. The biggest relief happened when I started breaking meals into steps and assigning prep work. But, still the organization (including the budget) is up to me. I even have to take into account the weather because when it's over 85 degrees outside our little place gets really hot and doesn't cool off quickly. That means no stove.

You and I both know that "a woman's work is never done." We can all provide our own anecdotal evidence of this - a neat thing about GT, but shitty thing about society.

I need a money fairy.

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