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So today I made spicy lentil wraps and chocolate pudding.

The lentil wraps turned out pretty good, but I did have to change the recipe a lot. Red bell peppers are sooo expensive, so I had to cut back on those. I think next time I'll actually use the roasted red peppers in the jar. I guess I didn't shred my cabbage finely enough, because I thought the cabbage was way too tough eat plain. Then again, I had to use red cabbage. I ended up wilting it before making my second wrap. The dressing was so yummy, but I did use extra lemon and I used basil instead of parsley. All in all the recipe made a filling and tasty lunch item, but it was so much work I can't imagine making these again anytime soon.

So as for the pudding...it was much different than I thought it would be. The recipe states that it's a French-style pudding meaning it's more like a mousse than pudding, but mine wasn't fluffy at all. It almost tastes like frosting or a brownie—it's so rich, even for a die-hard chocolate lover like myself. It definitely requires the whipped cream to balance the rich dark chocolate. Really easy recipe, but maybe too rich for my tastes.


But speaking of sweets—I have been craving a really moist coffee cake or cinnamon roll. Something that has like cinnamon butter swirled in and possibly nuts. I have the feeling cinnamon rolls are a lot of work and probably hard to make good, but I think I can manage a coffee cake. Does anyone have a really good coffee cake recipe that fits that description? Maybe something that has sour cream in it too?

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