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GT, lend me your hard-won wisdom, please! My house purchase looks like everything is on track for the settlement at the end of March. I’m still pinching myself a bit, but am starting to get excited because it’s feeling real.

I am starting to let myself think about the plans for the place. Projects include:

  • Electrical work (not fun, but absolutely necessary to up the amps to 200, re-ground some things and fix the circuit board)
  • Ripping out the kitchen, re-leveling the floor, and pretty much starting from scratch
  • Taking out a drop ceiling
  • Taking up awful carpets that have probably been there since the 70s
  • Taking down wall paneling...so much wall paneling
  • Taking down a non-load-bearing wall
  • Lots of new paint

I have not done this before. Any of it. I have volunteers and am definitely bringing in a professional for the electrical work. Any advice from people who have undertaken these projects before? What would you do yourself, what would you have a professional do? Where should I look to buy cabinets - Lowe’s, IKEA? Where can you cut corners and where is it necessary to spend?


All your wisdom and experience is hugely appreciated!

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