Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It's a day off school for the older kid I watch (not for weather reasons), so we are having a cozy day in with a non-stop demand for activities from him. I am putting the toddler down for his nap now, so I have a few min while I wait for him to fall asleep.

We have already done moon dough and homemade playdough, and will do baking soda volcanoes later. We can't do oobleck bc there is not enough corn starch. Any other good suggestions with basic home supplies (like, no dry ice or anything fancy)? Boy in question is six and looooooves anything sciencey. Oh, and his parents never buy paper so any crafts that require it are basically out. There are scraps here and there but not a ton, which stinks bc construction paper is my favorite craft supply.


Oh, and I am making him a lego man trapped in a block of ice for him to excavate out, but that will take ages to freeze.

Also, I should get a phone call any day now telling me whether or not I inherited the BRCA2 gene that runs in my family, and which would give me a higher risk for breast cancer. I have been expecting this call for two weeks so I feel like it will be soon now. Wish me luck! Love you all!

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