Meet Schnitzel (the pumpkin.)

My little blind dragon has become veeeeery picky with his food lately, which wouldn’t be a big deal if he didn’t need insulin twice a day. But he does, and so, he needs to eat.

I’ve been toying with the idea of making his food for a while now, and wanted to get some advice from GTers who’ve made food for their furry friends before. The “So your dog has type 12 diabeetrus” blogs I usually frequent are...not super helpful with stuff like this. The people that post there are IN. TENSE. about caring for the diabetic dogs, and the few people I’ve chatted with who make their food have basically claimed I should be slaughtering my own meat and growing my own veggies, and nothing else could POSSIBLY suffice.

Yeahhhh...I wan’t that kind of parent with my actual kid, and as much as I love my dogs, the neighbors will complain if I start raising my own cattle so that Schnitzel can dine on steak dinners. I also have 3 other dogs; ideally if I’m going to start making food, it will be for them all. I’m not married to this idea, but it would certainly be easier.


Any GTers out there who are chefs for their canines? Do I really need to serve the little dragon baby ducklings that I’ve hand-raised?