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Welcome To The Bitchery

To put my question into context, I've decided that I'm gonna try to pursue some of my interests instead of always putting them on the back burner for that proverbial tomorrow. On that list is learning about herbalism and making natural beauty product tailored to me. Yes, also on that list is getting into better shape, but what do you say to Lady Kettlebell when she gazes at you expectantly from across your junky room?


So I have a question to anyone who has experience making their own soaps. I plan on using the melt and pour method, and I know that its simpler and easier for me to just add whatever dried herbs to the batch. I know the moist heat of my shower or bath will activate them as I use it but I don't want to do that. Part of the reason is I want to try a combo of different herbs that I researched and think will be help towards my combo skin. Since I won't be adding just a sprinkling I worry that as I use the soap, the herbs will become exposed and then fall out into the tub. Then I have to clean up the tub after each shower, lest I face the wrath of momma dukes. I'm lazy y'all. I dun wanna rinse out the tub every time I clean. So I was wondering, if I could brew the dried herbs into a small amount of water to make a concentrate and then add that to my bars with a small amount of apple cider vinegar? If so is there an absolute limit to the amount of liquid I can add to the soap base before I ruin it? I mean what's the ratio here? Or is it a free for all? I've seen some recipes that say you can add liquids to the base but it was like 1 teaspoon to a pound. That wouldn't make a concentrate, that'll make damp herbs.

Any and all advice are appreciated in advance y'all.

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