Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Homeowner Probs, HALP.

Guys. Guyssssss. It’s Saturday and I’ve called two plumbers, left voicemails, no message.

Since this morning, every time I run the water in the kitchen or bathroom, or put water down the drain at all, it drips in the basement. Not a flood. Just like a minute of drips, and coming from id say a six inch area. It comes from the pipe AREA but not really the pipe. It’s dripped prob a quarter cups worth. We’ve brushed our teeth, done dishes, washed out hands so.... Def used more water than has leaked


CAN WE USE THE WATER/SINK?!???? What should I do. Maybe just pack up and leave?? Haha jk!!! Homeownership isn't the scariest thing I've ever done or anything !!!!!

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