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Does anyone have any tips for not being homesick?

I am traveling for work right now and won't get to go home until Thursday. I just got into town late last night so I feel silly for being so sad already...


I have worked over 100 hours in the past 10 days (and at crazy hours, yesterday was 1:30am to 4:30pm, then 6:30 to 10pm and back at it at 4am this morning) and I am totally physically exhausted. I have to be up by 4am and working 12-18 hour days through Thursday as well. I'm having trouble concentrating and then things go wrong, and then I get more depressed and frustrated.

This is no fun on top of how depressed I've been lately. I have to go back out to work in a few minutes, but could you leave some internet hugs for me to see when I get back? I would really appreciate it. I don't know what I would do without you wonderful people.

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