I am out of town for the yearly meeting of my professional association, and I just checked in to my hotel room. I've just realized one reason hotel rooms are as ugly as they are โ€” they are designed for men. Everything in here is so dark brown that I can't even see my iphone if I put it down on the desk. God forbid a man should have to behold a non-'yes you are a man'-stating color?? Last year one of our options was a 'W' hotel and I was in heaven from the minute I checked in โ€” it was definitely designed with women in mind. This one, and now that I reflect upon it, every other one in my 20 years of attending this meeting, is like descending in to a stereotypical 'man cave.' I can't believe that hotel designers are clinging to these outdated ideas of gendered decor, or that they haven't realized that a lot of women also travel for work. Don't they watch HGTV??

Meanwhile, 4000 religion professors and 4000 bible professors are descending upon this poor, blameless location. I am about to be surrounded by 6000 men wearing the exact same outfit (khakis, navy blazer, red striped tie, blue shirt), 1900 women wearing variations of black, brown and grey work attire, and 100 women with amazing looks ranging from awful to fabulous โ€” I love them, they make a change. I aspire to be one of them one day but right now I am one of many black blobs. My bottom is already hurting from just thinking about the chairs in the meeting rooms, also designed for those of longer shanks. But this year, I have a little folding footstool that I will carry around. I had it last year too โ€” every woman under 40 was looking at me like a geriatric Martian, every woman over 40 gazed longingly or asked me where I got it.