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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I have to get published for work.

It’s a little weird, because the usual things that performing musicians do won’t count here (CD liner notes, program notes, reviews, etc.) and no performing musician would be taken seriously if they did a researched article about ... whatever, because musicology and music theory are separate fields. (Although I teach them both here because it’s a small school.) I can probably write about teaching but like ... eh.

So I’m trying to figure out how to write something scholarly enough to keep my job, but in a way or style that will not a.) make me a laughing stock amongst my off-campus peers and b.) be a project I am excited to do.

I have been joking with my friends about writing a series of essays from my time as an adjunct and freelancer. (I have also joked that it would make an epic movie, and I have planned out the meltdown/musical montage scene in alarming detail.) I would like to find a way to make this ... more academic? We’re obviously a university, but we’re not an R1 so I think there is some wiggle-room as far as how academic ... but then I don’t know how I’d approach publication with something that isn’t really serious but needs to be more serious than a GT post.

“Here’s what I did, some humor splashed in + ___________” = tenure!!

I’m pretty good at short, humorous essays. I’m not as good with creativity. Anybody got any good brainstormy ideas? How do I turn the thing I wanna do into something that might be relevant?


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