I had some time while I was working today to engage someone.

comeonpoppet19 shared a comment and I thought, here was my chance to show you could educate a troll who didn't get it. Right? The goal is to advocate and teach, where others are less patient. Jump in and do the work, even if it's the small task of engaging with someone on a women's centered web site about their understanding of racism. It's not the same as volunteering or being a social justice worker, but it's something, right?

And I wasn't alone. There were other people (some from GT) who tried to approach. So many others. It was crazy. Sorry if I missed someone. There were a lot of you. I'm happy for you who got to have fun laughing at them - wish I had joined that side.


It was kindof like the most manic game of poker. What was in her hands? What exactly prompted her crazy devotion to this point? Why do you keep on betting on logic and reasoning that no one agrees with?

Then the river:

FYI, the title for most massive enslaved demographic in the United States will always belong to white women.


As was discovered by this commenter (to give proper credit).


And just like that, you have to fold.

At least there was this one who learned something. Maybe that made it worth it? I dunno.


If my attempt wasted your time, sorry. Shouldn't have chased that band hand.