Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Honestly, sometimes there aren't enough curse words

Dude. Superintendent of my building. Whose job it is to fix problems. When there is a puddle under my sink it is an emergency. I don't fucking care if you tell me it isn't. IT IS AN EMERGENCY. God damn dude. Don't fucking tell me to fill out a work order when I have a busted pipe in my sink. Because the whole fucking building knows it won't get done till you feel like it. So yeah, sorry if it pisses you off but when I get home at 4pm on Friday and find a puddle of water under my sink I'm calling the emergency line. Because I remember when you took an entire weekend to fix my toilet...which meant I had to flush with a bucket.


Sidenote: No Christmas tip for you buddy!

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