So the honeymoon has begun. We arrived in Winnipeg yesterday, after a long drive up, and got settled into our hotel. We went out exploring a bit in search of dinner and found Cafe 22, which had delicious pizza and calzones for cheap. Like, I ran a conversion back to US dollars, and the meal was easily a good $10-15 cheaper than it would have cost us back in Iowa, and was at least twice as good as it would have been. So that’s pretty cool.

We came back to the hotel and enjoyed the hotel pool a bit before going to bed. ~9 hours of driving that day had made us tired. However, I got contacted about doing a radio interview tomorrow with the CBC. Since Winnipeg is not a typical honeymoon destination, and I asked on the /r/Winnipeg subreddit about things to do, one of their journalists decided we were a potential story and we’ve set up a radio interview for 10 am Central time tomorrow. There might be a tv interview after that as well. We are probably the only couple dumb/lucky enough to land a radio interview entirely on the basis of doing our honeymoon.

Today’s adventure involved checking out the Manitoba Museum (they have flatulent dinosaurs in their dinosaur exhibit and it’s hilarious), and then the Royal Canadian Mint, which was one of the key attractions. It was great. Everything was great. Now we’re resting up for dinner because I’m eating wagyu beef tonight and nobody can stop that from happening.