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Honeymoon Adventures Part 2

We left off having visited the Royal Canadian Mint and with an interview scheduled for Wednesday. The wagyu beef I ate was the best steak I’ve ever eaten. Imagine a ribeye that tastes like a filet, but at least five times better. Fantastic and worth every nickel (Canada has no pennies anymore). Wednesday morning we woke up and drove down to the CBC studio, where we did a brief radio interview, then received a tour of the studio and made loose arrangements for tv in the afternoon. After that we drove to the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

That zoo is monstrously large. Like, we were regretting everything about our lives because our legs were dying by the end of it. The Prophet got to try poutine, so that was fun. We spent a lot of time admiring the polar bears and the tigers, and we were amused by the dinosaurs portion (I still think the last one should have been a chicken).

After the zoo we went to the Forks, where we met the camera guy and shot footage for tv, as well as did an interview to air with the footage. We looked like dorks and I probably rambled a bit about the Mint and Chris Jericho. It was fun and silly. We thought that was the end of it. We wound up wandering the Forks a bit, buying a bunch of touristy things, and eating at Muddy Waters BBQ. Sometime during our meal, the tv spot aired.


We went back to the hotel room and I pretty much died right away. Thursday was ahead of us, and it wasn’t going to be too much of a day. Just a little bit of stuff to do.

We started by heading to Lower Fort Garry, where the workers at the welcome area recognized us from the news. So it begins. We walked around and that was quite fun. We got four of the role-players to break character and talk to us. Turns out they’re mostly college students who do it for summer work, which is quite nice. One, who was working the forge, was working on making rings. We chatted a while with him while we rested our legs, and he gave us the ring he made while we were talking with him. Pretty awesome souvenir.

We drove back to town and stopped at a coin shop, where I picked up a random one pound lot of mixed foreign coins as well as the magnetic and non-magnetic Mint issued rolls of the last penny. While we were there a woman in the shop recognized us from the news. Then the radio station playing in the shop wished us a happy honeymoon, so that was very odd.

Then we went back down toward the Forks to do the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. It’s a beautiful museum, and an absolutely fantastic resource - I wish it was closer so I could send students to it for research. We got recognized again while in the museum. While we were walking through the exhibit on genocide I got a phone call.


The Royal Canadian Mint higher ups saw the news article about us, and they wanted to invite us for a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the facility with the director of the Mint. On the regular tour, you’re up above, looking at the production floor through glass. We’re going to be on the production floor, walking right up to the presses and everything. This is something they don’t do, and we get to do this right before leaving Canada. Winnipeg really loves us, I guess.

We proceeded to wander the Forks some more, and got recognized by a woman coming out of the parking ramp (fourth time of the day). We ate at the pancake place in the Forks Marketplace. Tasty pancakes. Then we went back to the hotel, did honeymoon things, and started packing up for checkout. We’re on our way to the Mint now, so I’ll update when we’re in the States again.

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