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DISCLAIMER: This post is entirely esoteric and refers to my own weight and weight gain and weight loss and my reaction to it. Fat shaming is bullshit and I won't take kindly to it. Also, my experiences as a fat person should not be applied to any other fat person for any reason.

As many of you know, I've gained some weight over the last seven months or so. Now, I don't care about it from a self-worth standpoint or any of that fat-shaming bullshit (though I'm not immune to self-shame on the topic). But I'm definitely not thrilled with it for a few reasons:

1. Comfort - I had the brilliant idea to donate clothes as they got too big for me. That was all well and good but now I'm stuck with too-tight pants (in the cut-off-circulation way, not the sexay way). Also, just things like chairs being uncomfortable.


2. $$$ - Eating Shitty the McUncool Way is expensive, because I can binge with the best of them and I eat terrible things all the time.

3. Lethargy - My poor eating habits usually coincide with my refusing to exercise in any way. These things make me tired and crabby and just a general shit to be around (also, shitting is worse in several ways).

Really, those are all problems with my habits, not with being fat. When I started eating right and exercising a year and a half ago, I had a ton more energy than I do now and I weighed more. Weight gain is really more a symptom than a cause.

Still, I'm working on getting healthier again, which will probably involve some amount of weight loss. I don't plan to weigh myself that often (if at all), because I don't want this to be about how much I weigh. I want to feel better, if it's at 180 pounds or 380 pounds.


This leads me back to the title of this post (HONGRY, if you missed it). I'm experimenting with some things because I'm a weirdo that does that. To start, I'm trying out some intermittent fasting. Now, there's actually science to back up the idea of intermittent fasting. And there are two kinds - alternate day fasting (ADF) and daily fasting.


Today, I'm starting my experiment with ADF. Basically, I don't have restrictions on my diet on alternating days, and on the other days I restrict my calories to 600. My hunger is waxing and waning but about twenty minutes ago when I started this post my co-worker brought Chipotle into the office and I almost locked her in a closet so I could steal it. Maybe ADF isn't for me but I'm going to try it because SCIENCE SAY GOOD.

Where am I going with this post? I dunno. Mostly I'm just telling you all this because you're so nice and I like attention. Also, maybe you'll bring me food.

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