1. (vague spoilers only) NBC had better include in their primetime coverage the short program of the kid from the Philippines. He's 17, he's the country's only competitor, he's the flag-bearer, and he's the country's FIRST winter Olympian. And he skated pretty cleanly. The US should see that. Although the US didn't see a re-airing of Zhang and Bartholomay's free skate yesterday, so I won't hold my breath. I wish the US coverage was more about the spirit than the winning.

There was an American speedskater who finished 32nd today who was still stoked, because it was 32nd in the frickin Olympics. I feel like primetime coverage doesn't tell us those stories so much.

The skater from Australia just skated to Metallica, so he's got a spot in my heart forever. Poor kid's in last place, and I wanna give him a hug.

And who doesn't love men's singles skating weirdos? because Misha Ge from the Uzbekistan might be my new favorite weird kid.


He is a big arm-waver, and he plans to skate to music with lyrics in his free skate, even though that's not allowed. Boy don't care.

As for Jeremy Abbott,