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Hoooooold... Hooooooold... FIRE!

I went to the doctor this morning for my quarterly diabetic check-up. I got there early for my labs, as instructed, but ended up having to sit around and wait because, surprise, the doctor hadn't ordered the labs yet.

Having been around this particular block a number of times, I asked the lab tech if I was doing a urine sample as well. "I dunno," he shrugged and said. "Why, do you have to go?"

Uh, yeah dude. I drank coffee and water all morning and I've been holding it because I knew as soon as I went, you bastards would demand a sample. "I've been saving for a special occasion," I replied.


My doctor didn't end up ordering urinalysis, so I told them this one was a freebie. On the upside, I weigh 8 fewer pounds than I thought I did, which in my brain translates to: "Hey, I lost 8 lbs. overnight! Not a bad way to start the day!"

It was a much better visit this time, mostly because thanks to President Obama I now have insurance that covers my pre-existing condition (fuck you, Republicans. I pay taxes, too, and I couldn't get decent coverage). I'm starting a new regimen with MUCH better quality insulin, upping my dose of Celexa (which I love, nothing else has worked as well as it does for me), AND the doc was super excited at the prospect of me getting a diabetes dog. "I didn't even know this existed! Whatever helps you have an easier time, I'm happy to help." She was all ready to sign on the dotted line, even though all I brought was the initial application with a request for the release of my medical records.

Now comes the fund-raising. I don't like asking for money, but this is going to be a significant investment. I'll be setting up a GoFundMe or something like that, and if anyone can kick in $5 or $10, I'd be very appreciative! I'll let you know when we're closer to that point.


Anyway, here's hoping things get easier from this point on. I do need to lose weight so that my insulin will work better. What I really need are veggie-heavy meals. I like the idea of using meat as a garnish, so anything like macque choux or ratatouille that I can accompany with a slab of meat would be a welcome suggestion.


Thanks for listening. After 32 years of diabetes, it's still a daily struggle and it helps so much to know that there are people out there struggling with similar issues, or just willing to lend a sympathetic ear. :)

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