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Hooray for the youths!

Some high school kids in Dallas walked out and live-tweeted in protest of this douchey misogynistic public speaker at a school assembly!

It gives me the warm fuzzies that there are kids in Texas who will do this! This is just a brief piece about it. While I'm glad it happened, and I'm glad it got a little publicity, I feel weird about this:

Many thanks to these students, who gave up a hard-earned afternoon of Taco Bell and GTA 5 to call out sexism and entertain us.


I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be tongue in cheek, but the fact that I can't quite tell makes me irritated. Writing it off like that, even in jest, just makes it easier for Lookadoo's supporters to write them off as silly kids.

(I have kids of my own, they like Despicable Me, and I cannot help but hear Lookadoo's name in my head in the voice of a minion.)

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