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Hooray! Going to a wedding tomorrow for a friend I've known since I was ten. This happens to be her second wedding in I think 5 years? So we were originally a lil confused as to what to spend. Ended up with a decent amount but a little less than wedding number one. But, we are down to one income and have a kiddo now as well. So there's that.

Of course the dress I planned on wearing because I love the color, have super cute accessories and multiple shoe choices for didn't work out. It did a weird really unflattering poofy thing. The dress that fits? Blue and cream. Heels I can wear? Black, ridiculous red or leopard print. So I hauled my butt shoe shopping. Took forever because I had low budget and have a post bunion surgery hot mess of a foot. Success after FOREVER came surprisingly at Aldo - where sale stuff was an extra 50% off! Wahoo cute comfy shoes for $25!

So I have everything ready to go for tomorrow. Now kiddo and I both have craaaaaazy allergies and I got my period. Awesome. Because those things are both helpful to looking cute when dressed up! Ha!


But hooooooray wedding! I am so happy for her to have found someone that makes her so happy. My friend is just such a good person, so sweet. I love it.

Difficult pattern, but I really like it:



neutral and comfy, only took 2 days to find haha!

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