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Hooray Visibility?

I've been hearing Matt Nathanson's new(ish?) song "Kinks Shirt" on the radio, and I enjoy it. Like most of his stuff, it's very catchy and upbeat. On the radio this morning, before playing it, the dj mentioned that the video has been causing a bit of a stir.

As it was described to me, it's your standard love story video, where one of the people happens to be transgender. Makes sense, as it seems like an homage to the Kinks "Lola".

So I looked it up, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. Hooray visibility, but is it weird that she's a stripper...? And that it reveals that she's trans by showing she doesn't have breasts...?

I will say, Nathanson's explanation of the video is refreshing, in that he doesn't seem to be making some sort of grandiose statement, but is rather saying that this shouldn't be a big deal:

The thing I love about this video is that it shows two people in love and it never makes a big deal out of the fact that one is trans... The video is touching and funny, while at the same time making a very definite statement about equality and acceptance. Let people be who they are... the only way forward in this life is with acceptance and equality for everyone, period.



Of course, not all media coverage of the video has been so progressive. This isn't the worst example, but it's one where the author clearly thought she was praising the video and failed miserably. The comments surprised me though. (In a good way, for once!)

What do you guys think? Good video, or is it


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