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Hop on the rollercoaster!

My life is a rollercoaster and it’s amazing/horrible!

1. I’m having a gastroscopie tomorrow! This is both exciting (because I got an appointment far sooner than I was expecting) and sad, because I need it. My stomach/oesophagus issues have kind of leveled out and stayed the same, gotten better but not enough. It’s been a good 9 weeks now and I haven’t completely recovered regardless of meds. (had a bit of a setback even)


2. Talked to my manager/HR about the health issues and they were thoroughly understanding. They mentioned that sometimes it can be hard to tell when I’m feeling bad because I tend to soldier on regardless and asked me to please keep taking care of myself and taking whatever rest I need. We’ll keep any plans for job training or whatever on hold for a month or so and then check back. Manager did buy me some books that mainly fall in the ‘inspirational’ categorie rather than in the ‘hard learning’ categorie and I only have to read them if/when I want to and can.

3. The biggest project I worked on was nominated for an award within our field! We’re trying to get enough votes to also get a Peoples Choice award in our categorie and although we’re the second in one of our categories, we’ll never make it. Regardless! That’s the first award nomination that our company has gotten in YEARS and it’s for the most amazing project I’ve ever worked on. It was my baby. It’s been so excellent working on it and seeing that people are actually appreciating it! And we sent it in for another award. I’m so excited!!!

How you doing great folks of GT? Whats on the up and down? High and low? Rollercoaster of today?

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