Y'all might remember that I lost hope for humanity the other day. Well, today, hope was restored!

I had my students read "No Thanks to Thanksgiving" for today.

We reviewed the idea of privilege and we discussed some of the... um... mistaken notions they had.

One student in particular (we'll call her SmartyPants) was still bucking the idea of privilege but the rest got on board (YAY! Accomplishments!!).

We moved to "No Thanks" and the sentiment was "That was then, that's not what Thanksgiving means now."

I asked, "Well, might that attitude stem from privilege?"

One student, was on that bandwagon said, "Well, I suppose if we were Native American, we'd probably hate it." And that led to some great conversation (yes, yes, yes!!).


All the students got on board the, "Hey, T-Gives might be fucked up" train, except SmartyPants who was sitting in the front row, arms crossed lips pursed.

She tried to challenge me several times but I was able to gently guide her to see how she was operating from a place of privilege. Giving it one last go, she said, "OK, well, I get why we should acknowledge this real history and not just the whitewashed version but... but..." she went quiet for a second.


Then, "But I have no counterargument to that. We should learn this history."

We ended class with a suggestion from me that they all check out A People's History of the United States. And, like, 13 out of 23 students were jotting the title dowN.


Hell yeah.