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Hope in the IS horrible-ness

This past week we’ve found ourselves in the midst of a whirlwind. A whirlwind of bombs, bullets, hatred, xenophobia, racism, fear, and bad decisions. I’m afraid. I think I’m not alone in that. I’m afraid of the decisions made by politicians around the world. Playing right into the hands of Daesh. Giving them exactly what they want.

Luckily there are some positive notes. I’m sure most of you have seen and heard of these already, they might have already been posted here too! But I wanted to share them regardless. (I’ll take them down if this is just uninteresting duplicates )

Anonymous, not often known for their do-good attitude has decided to step in. They will do what they can to make sure that Daesh can no longer communicate or recruite. Although I’m against opening a ‘war’ against them (since this is what they want) this is a method that I am not against. It leaves no victims and it disrupts their efforts. Good on them!


This man lost the love of his life during the Paris bombings but he refuses to respond with hatred.

This article may not be positive necessarily but it shows the complicated and varied causes of what we are going through now. It’s been doing the rounds on my facebook and I’m happy to see it.

Does anyone else have anything hopeful to share?

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