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Hormonal BC users: a question

I've been on the same birth control (Microgestin, a generic of Loestrin) since I was about 16. I had debilitating periods and BC helped. I've always had good luck with Microgestin and I don't have periods, pretty much at all.

I went to the pharmacy this morning, and they told me that Walgreens hadn't been able to get Microgestn since it was on backorder, so they gave me Junel instead. Now, I am what we shall call delicately hormonally balanced. I get night sweats and fairly severe anxiety at times, and this is really freaking me out. Does anyone else have any experience switching from one generic to the other? Should I call my doctor and ask if this is an ok switch? I'm not worried about pregnancy protection so much as I'm worried about the other changes it can cause. Advice? Commiseration?


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