Oh man, that Burger King baby story. I'm trying not to tear up while just thinking about it. I can't imagine what it was like to be 16 in the 1980s (no Google or Yahoo questions) and hide a pregnancy from rape for 9 months. Then hide giving birth. Then, while healing and most likely over-flooded with hormones and fear, leave your baby in a bathroom hoping somebody good will find her. I'm glad the baby girl was safe and grew up in a good home and I'm happy she reached out for her mom and it worked out.

Part of me wants to say "How could that girl's parents have missed her pregnancy for 9 months?" but the other part of me knows how. They saw signs but didn't want to believe so they ignored it and rationalized it. I've seen it before and it sucks for everyone. I'm glad everyone is reunited today and there's forgiveness and love there.