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Hormones can kiss my ass

I am on like day 4 of a headache because my body has now decided that having a period isn't bad enough, I should have a crippling headache THE ENTIRE TIME as well. I used to just get a headache at the end of my period. Then I started getting one at the beginning, too. Now it just lasts the whole damn time. And since I'm perimenopausal, there's no rhyme or reason to when my period comes. I think having MountainTeen in the house with her raging teen girl hormones doesn't help any; sometimes my period finishes and then a week later starts right back up again and brings its friend Splitting Headache with it.

I can't live one week of the month (or more) like this, hormones. I'm done with you. I've shut down the baby factory; leave already, why don't you?


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