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Hormones vs Logic tw (weight/depression)

So these past 3 weeks I have been on my period, yay hormonal birth control! Also these past 3 weeks I have been the most self loathing I’ve been in a long while. I gained 1o pounds making my bridesmaid dress uncomfortable, which turned into the “I’m disgusting and The Consort is gonna come to his senses and leave me” show. So instead of you know eating better, I went all in on the ice cream and French fries. Stopped talking to the bride because she’s skinny and beautiful. Basically made The Consort walk around on eggshells for a month.

The worst part is I knew this was because my birth control dosage was upped, like some Spock part of my brain was like this purely side effects. I just find it cosmically unfair that I can logically know it’s all hormone levels being tweaked but still have to suffer and cause the people I love the most undue angst. I wish there were Hallmark cards for I’m sorry I was cold, distant, argumentative, lazy, and needy for no damn reason. I feel the worst about the bride the weddings in 3 weeks and I have been of no help.

Anytips for a fun non stripper bachelorette in Houston would be much appreciated.

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