I love my boss. He's kind, generous, fair, and breaks his back for the good of the job. Sometimes he buys me lunch, and he always lets me take home sample beers and leftover pizza, and if customers are being particularly huge assholes he'll step in and defend me. His boss, however, puts the ass in dumbass. He's a dirty hippie who lives in California but is visiting for God knows how long. All he does is chew out my boss about tiny little things, move shit around that doesn't need to be moved around (and is actually less helpful/noticeable for customers), and make tacky handwritten signs on old paper plates and tape them in inconvenient places. Also, he smells because he doesn't believe in washing his clothes so he always smells like old weed and armpits. Seriously, you can smell him from across the bar, and he's staying with my boss who has to wash all his sheets because the man smells so bad. And yet he complains that we aren't doing enough to tidy up the place, or that we aren't doing enough work because we don't care. Dude, I work 9 hours without a break. And I shower. Calm your trustafarian ass down. He's so damn particular we can't play any music in the bar that hasn't been run by him first. We don't have a file cabinet because he didn't think we needed one-so now we have old, falling apart boxes to hold shit. And no one is allowed to contradict him or say "heyyy, maybe that's not a good idea" because he's an ass who will fire you if you do.

My other boss is the head of this theater that I'm performing in. He wrote a children's show I was cast in. I was told that the cast would get a percentage of ticket sales, which is not an ideal situation, but whatever. I hadn't had a gig in a while, and I like the director, so I accepted. The whole project has been one thing after another- the dude didn't write the songs for the show until the last minute (one song was given to us two days before opening), the script and lyrics were filled with plot holes, inconsistencies, and improbably stupid lyrics, and to top it all off our set still hasn't been made for us (it's been a month since we opened). They're always losing our music and not calling cues on time, they chew us out for tiny things they never told us about, people walk off with the props, and no one comes to the show because they haven't advertised-not even on their own website. None of the other shows they're running seem to get this treatment! I'm leaving work early to go to this show so I'm losing money, and now I find out that no one will get paid for the shows we've already performed, and we're unlikely to get any real money for future performances. Turns out that we only get paid if the theater makes more than $100 per show. Which hasn't happened. Because this is a sucky show early in the morning that is poorly advertised.

I'm not leaving my bar job, but I might very well quit this play. I'm just really worried about damaging my reputation in the theater community, as well as my relationship with the director whom I respect and have worked with before. She's a great director, a nice person, and has done the best she can with what she'd been given; it's not her fault the owner lied by omission about payment. Fucking theater...there's nothing I can do except quit and hope this doesn't come back to bite me. I wish I was in the union.