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Horrible Bosses: IRL

As per JannaBanana's post on Gandhi's racism, it has come to my attention that my boss is a RAGING RACIST. I suspected this for some time, but was unaware that he was actually using racial epithets on a daily basis in the office. This is because he is South African and I was heretofore unfamiliar with the epithets specific to that culture.


He also told me once that prior to hiring me he was "not pleased with the idea of hiring hormonal women." Additionally, he ranted about Obama's immigration policy, apparent unaware that he had immigrated here only three years ago?

He's also stupid enough to assume that because someone is a white male, he intrinsically shares his point of view. I've had two male coworkers relay pretty horrible things.

He's essentially a walking law suit, but Ii'm a 1099 and would probably never be able to successfully throw the book at him, even though he clearly deserves it.

So, GT, share with me your horrible boss stories. I'm sure there are boatloads out there.

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