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Horrible day with oral surgeon and questions

A prelude in the late 70s I got braces. Bad, bad, bad idea for one with small teeth and small roots. Through the last fifteen years I have been losing teeth to the oral surgeons. As my dentist put it I have glorified baby teeth. Well pain in the bottom back for the last deep right tooth started to ache. It was loose, too loose and by that night I could not brush it. So yesterday I got an appointment for today. He examined my mouth and said I could not save that tooth. He then said tooth next to it was loose too, he said today there is no pain but there will be in as little as a week, a month or six months. What would you have done? I said fine pull it, I just thought it would be a waitng game. He sggested partials for the bottom right. Since my teeth are small it never shows the missing teeth. I am waiting a few weeks to see if I can adjust easily to these two missing.

I am on painkillers. Ironically it took five seconds to pull,.far, far longer to stick needles in my mouth for novocaine and far more painful then tooth removal. He tootk longer to stitch then pull teeth out.


Anyone have back partials? Like dislike or relatives that do?

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