I went on a date Saturday night and I had a good time with the guy. We've continued texting so I guess it's a good sign. :) Anyway, I have been thinking a lot lately about my past poor choice in dates/men and how much progress I've made in regards to "picking" them better and wanted to share a few awful stories:

Story 1

Around my sophomore year in college a few years ago I went into the Yahoo chat rooms (yes I know not safe but what's done is done). I started talking to a guy and talked to him on the phone a few times and we agreed to meet. I look back on it now and realize I don't remember what we talked about on the phone and why I was interested in meeting him. I believe I would say yes to any prospect that asked me to go on a date with them because I was not used to getting any kind of attention from guys.

Anyway, I did mention to the guy that he should figure out where he wanted to go for our date. So I get ready and yes he picks me up outside of the dorms (again, I'm aware of how unsafe this all is). I get in the car and as we're taking off he asks me "So where do you want to go?". Really?! I told him I didn't know so he proceeds to take me to a fast food Mexican place we'll call MM (if you're in San Antonio you may know the place) but we have to go through the drive thru because it's raining cats and dogs outside. While we're waiting for food (why thanks Yahoo Chat Guy Whose Name I Don't Remember Right Now, I'm so glad you're paying for my tacos!) we talk about school. He says he is taking 6 hours and I tell him I'm taking 18 hours and he says "Wow, I think 6 hours is enough"... I'm basically checked out of this date because at that point in time I have 0 dating experience and even I know this date is not going well. We sit in the car and eat our food and then he says he needs to get gas so we go to put gas and he gets out and asks me "Oh do you want anything to drink, like a beer or something?". Um nope, no thanks. After that he asks me what I want to do. I'm ready to go back to my dorm but I guess I didn't want to be rude so I figured since he was so keen on fast food places he can get me a chocolate shake from Whataburger. Finally, we end up back at my campus outside of my dorm and he parks there and after that it's a bit blurry all I remember is him saying he was kind of sort of in a gang in high school. He dropped me off in front of my dorm and I tried to say something and he says something rude and basically tells me to leave. Very awkward and weird and random date.

Story 2

About a year or so later I get a Facebook message from this guy I went to high school with who I had on my friends list for some reason even though we never said a word to each other the 4 years we were in the same school. He says hi and starts asking me questions that were weird and personal blah blah fast forward to us talking on the phone and texting. I notice throughout the few weeks we've been communicating that he is very passive-aggressive and slightly controlling and always had to negate everything I said. I called him out one day and he apologized and said he would do better but of course, he was just worse on our first date.


He had plans for our first date to see a live show downtown, which I thought was pretty cool but the only problem was that I live about an hour away from the city and it was going to take me a while to get ready + drive all the way to downtown. I asked him if we could do something else and he was clearly annoyed and said "I'm sure you'll make it one time". No. If I tell you I can't make it, then I can't make it in a timely manner. I suggest meeting halfway at a Chili's and he agreed even though he still seemed annoyed with me.

I get there and I see him and walk towards him and the first thing he says is "Yeah, I've never been to Chili's. It's generic food". I don't even know what the term generic means in this case. I mean yes I can guess, but still, no "Hey! How are you?", just commentary on how you think the food is generic. Then why did you agree to come? We sit down and talk about different things and the topic of high school comes up. He mentions that I was quiet and he notes that he wasn't interested in school much. I told him I was pretty busy in high school and he says "I don't think so. I don't think you were busy." 'Cause who else knew you better than someone who never said a single word to you in those four years, right? I shrug it off but I notice he cannot make eye contact with me much and that just makes me even more uncomfortable.


Somehow the topic of him going back to church is brought up. I told him I thought it was great if he was feeling better (he mentioned before that he wasn't feeling that great lately). He said he wanted to find a good Christian woman to marry. How does one bring this up on a first date? Maybe it's just me but it's not something I'd bring up. I had it right then and there and decided to fuck with him. I told him I didn't want to get married and that I didn't want to have kids (somewhat true as I am ambivalent about marriage but I do want kids). He looks at me like he has seen a ghost and the date is pretty much awkward after that as I don't remember what we talked about if we talked about anything at all.

He paid (a silver lining) and then we walked out and as we're walking out he tells me "Yeah, I'm disappointed. I don't know about you but yeah I'm disappointed". I was so over the whole evening and told him "Yeah, I bet you are". We walked outside and he continued to berate me saying he didn't know how I could want to be a psychologist because I had too many issues and then he said he didn't understand how I didn't want to get married and then blah blah something about gay people getting married (I didn't understand what that had to do with me not getting married). Then we both left and I proceeded to delete him from Facebook.


The End!

Tell me your awful First Date Stories! I have a few more but those 2 take the cake. I'm pretty sure guy from Story 1 just wanted to get laid and #2 has some personality issues.


Oh P.S.- Story 2 Guy took it upon himself to hint to me during Facebook messages that me being verbally abused in a previous relationship and having general bad luck in relationships was my fault. He's a winner huh?