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Horrible neighbors are horrible.

I really don’t like these people. They have trashed up the rental house they are in and there are always tons of people milling around the yard and being loud and they let their toddler run around right next to the street with no one watching.

Today they are working on two cars on their driveway but they have them pulled up within a few feet of the extremely busy 4 lane road we live one. One asshole has put balloons or something in his shirt and shorts so it looks like he has huge boobs and butt. They keep yelling ‘HEY!’ at passing cars and he jiggles his ‘boobs’ and so many cars are honking back at them as they drive past.

I may need to request funds from the GT Emergency Fund for bail because I’m want to straight up strangle someone.


Edited to add that they also have a shitty truck that the rev up for so very long and then “peel out” on the street. I HATE THEM! It’s like they’ve never lived in the “big city” before.

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