Sorry if this has been posted about before - I just heard about it and had a rant brew.

A young woman stopped on suspicion of shoplifting was found to be carrying a dead infant in her bag.

People calling her a hood-rat, saying she should have used birth control, that this is what letting people think abortion is okay does to people...

This piece of horrible from the NYDaily News comments section:

Annnnnndddddd? What do she expect. What she did is just unthinkable. How the hell you already have a 2-yr but didn't know what to do with a baby you just gave birth do. UH call the ambulance and tell them I just gave birth and I don't think the baby is breathing. I don't know why she still in the news I thought they had beat her to death already.


You know why this happened? Well, we're on GT, so we probably do. But just to be clear, when you strip away women's options, fill schools with misinformation in place of sex education, prevent doctors from being honest with women, and create conditions wherein it is simultaneously shameful for a young woman to acquire birth control and to have sex but in which if you don't put out you're not a good girlfriend, you create an environment of confusion, shame, and fear for young women - particularly pregnant young women.

To then pile on that and denigrate or outright remove options, to lionize birth as the one and only way to go, to continually hold up as the best in the world a broken healthcare system that young people have little knowledge of how to navigate, this is what happens. A scared young woman who is already a teenage mother gets pregnant, gives birth at a friends' house, is probably beyond scared and confused when the baby isn't breathing, doesn't know what to do with the now dead infant, probably feels like a failure for not being able to make sure her baby is alive, intense shame, and depression.


This is on the people who spread lies and disinformation, who have tried to erode all support for women who need it, and who proceed to shunt all women into the birthing chute. Abortion didn't make this happen. The so-called pro-life forced-birthers did.