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Ok everyone, I came up with a list to vote off of so we'll vote on this post instead of the old one to make it less confusing. I'll see who did happen to vote on the old post too though later on.

Also, we have our co-runners who will have mod privileges once I make this. I think it's a good number. But once again, I'm open for contributors (if you already expressed interest in the other post no need to post again :) )

I will make the blog tomorrow after I get votes in tonight.



Eyeball In my AcidMartini

Mrs. Ropers Caftan


Me (BeeVee)

Possible names:

Don't Go In There

Now With Fangs

Bloody Good Show

Don't Open the Door (Don't Open That Door?)

Do You Even Chainsaw? (think this would be a good parody blog post instead? love it though)


Kinja in the Woods (again, maybe parody?)

It's Alive

From Beyond the Blog

Type H for Horror

Edit: Adding these and I think they are awesome too!




Monster Mash

Something Wicked

We'll be voting on the above names and I'll check later tonight what the winner is. Thanks for everyone who is helping out! I can't wait to get this started.

I like: Don't Open That Door, Type H for Horror, Bloodlust, It's Alive and Something Wicked.

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