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So I finally saw the directions for how to make a sub blog. However, this requires making a Twitter account and I don't really feel like making one and keeping up with it and learning how to use Twitter. I'm wondering if anyone else is interested in co-running this blog with me and they can be the main creator?

Maybe I should first see who all is interested in contributing and being part of it and see what happens from there. Let me know what you think.

Possible co-runners:


Eyeball In my AcidMartini

Mrs. Ropers Caftan


Me (BeeVee)

I think this is enough co-runners, but obviously posting privs are still open. :)


Possible names:

Don't Go In There

Now With Fangs

Bloody Good Show

Don't Open the Door

Do You Even Chainsaw?

Kinja in the Woods

It's Alive

From Beyond the Blog

Type H for Horror

Feel free to come up with more suggestions!

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