Horror Blog Update for Daytime GTers

See below. I'll be back later tonight but going out of town right now for the day. We can start voting now on a name if you wanna look at the comments and the names that are up. Also, open to names if you have any. I'll see if I can get this going tomorrow or Monday but wanted people to be involved in the naming process since I'm no good at coming up with names.

Also, always open for contributors.

See y'all later!

Horror Blog Update?

So I finally saw the directions for how to make a sub blog. However, this requires making a Twitter account and I don't really feel like making one and keeping up with it and learning how to use Twitter. I'm wondering if anyone else is interested in co-running this blog with me and they can be the main creator?

Maybe I should first see who all is interested in contributing and being part of it and see what happens from there. Let me know what you think.

Possible co-runners:


Eyeball In my AcidMartini

Mrs. Ropers Caftan


Me (BeeVee)

I think this is enough co-runners, but obviously posting privs are still open. :)

Possible names:

Don't Go In There

Now With Fangs

Bloody Good Show

Don't Open the Door

Do You Even Chainsaw?

Kinja in the Woods

It's Alive

From Beyond the Blog

Type H for Horror

Feel free to come up with more suggestions!