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Horror movie club: first movie and discussion Sunday Sept. 22

Welcome to Absurdly Ineffective Barricade, your GT horror movie club! The full schedule for the first ten movies will be up hopefully by the end of the day, but for now I thought I'd announce: we'll lead off with a classic among classics, Suspiria.

This movie will forever be in my personal top five, and it sounds like a number of you feel similarly. I can't wait to chat about it with y'all! I will plan on getting the discussion going on Sunday, Sept. 22, tentatively at 6 PM MST (which is 8 PM EST, 7 PM central, 5 PM western). I will also plan on posting a reminder link the following morning with a link back to the original post, for those who may be in other time zones. However, I am up for changing my swing on the timing if need be — just let me know in the comments.


This time around, I'll facilitate the discussion; going forward, we'll need discussion leaders to volunteer. I will post more on this when I get the full schedule up (I meant to have this done sooner, but this week has been a monster).

One more note: Suspiria is not available on streaming Netflix, but it is Netflixable. We have a little more than two weeks to get and view it — should hopefully be enough time! If others have suggestions for places to access the movie besides Netflix or a rental place, by all means share.

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