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Welcome To The Bitchery

Please read this entire post before commenting!

First of all, thanks to everyone for helping me sort through how to do this, but most especially thank you to sugarhill and Slay Belle!


TL;DR: List your movie suggestions as a new thread including title and trailer (please don't start other threads if you can avoid it — trying to avoid clutter). Vote for up to five movies by recommending the thread. Winners to be announced at a later date.

ETA: I'll recommend any posts in the grays just so we're all in the black. :)

Long version with details on how this will work:

Nominating movies:

Everyone who would like to participate in the horror movie club is allowed to nominate one film for club viewing. (You definitely don’t have to nominate to participate, though!) After you decide on your pick, please post the title and trailer for your nomination as a new reply thread below. You can also write a couple sentences on the movie and why you picked it, if you want.

  • Do not post your nomination in someone else’s thread, create a new thread for your film.
  • Please only begin recommendation threads! We want to make sure folks can look through all the recommendations without there being too much “noise.”
  • However, once someone has posted a nomination thread, everyone is free to jump in the thread to post comments, about the movie or whatever else comes up.
  • Please select movies that are relatively easy to find. This doesn’t mean they have to be on Instant Netflix (the quality of the horror movies available there recently has…declined), but we should be able to get the movie from the Netflix DVD service, or some equivalent easily accessible service. Make sure you check on this if you have any doubts!


Everyone who wants to participate can star (i.e. recommend) up to five nominated movies, including your own. Please make sure you star the original post with the trailer and movie name, rather than responses. This will help me assess general popularity of/interest in movies.


The schedule:

We will discuss a new movie every two weeks. Right now, I am thinking that afternoons or evenings on Sundays would be the best time to put the discussion threads up, but we can discuss this later when I have a movie list and am getting ready to finalize the schedule.


Depending on the number of nominations we get, I will curate a schedule that goes about four months out (i.e. 8-10 movies). This will be partly, but probably not wholly, based on total votes – I won’t skip over putting the most popular movies in this first round, but there may be a movie that isn’t one of the overwhelming favorites yet could be a good counterparts to other selections. We want to keep things interesting and have a diverse selection!

Once we hit the end of the schedule, I will re-post all the nominations we didn't get to and invite more suggestions as well, and we will develop the next set of 8-10 movies from there. Lather, rinse, repeat.



We can figure this out later on, but when it actually comes time to organize discussions, probably 1-2 people per discussion (maybe including the person who nominated the movie?) will have to be responsible for generating some starter questions. Just putting that out there. Once I start getting things together, I'll probably set up a Google account just for the movie club to make communication a little easier.


Okay! If you have any questions, I’ll start a housekeeping thread below – that should be the only thread that isn’t a nomination. In that thread, I’ll also post some thoughts I have about naming the group, if anyone is interested. ;)

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