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Horror Movie Suggestions, GO!

I don't feel like dealing with the mess that is Saturday Night Social, so I'm just gonna stay here where it's safe.

I left work early cuz I'm the sick (called my boss and he was like "oh god woman go home you sound like shit"), came home, took a shot of Jameson and passed the fuck out. Now I'm awake, and about to make a drink, and I want to scare this cold away.


SO! Horror movie suggestions. I'm down for anything. I don't mind particularly gory stuff as long as the story is good (such as Martyrs, but nothing like Saw). But I'm just blanking on good horror movies right now. I love me some foreign horror, but since I can't see straight and am already thinking in more than one language from this fucking cold, perhaps I should stick to American stuffs since the idea of subtitles or translating is scaring me.


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