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Horror Movie Time -- What I Watched Recently

It's Monday —- bleh.

BUT! I don't know if you guys have noticed there is some awesome stuff to watch on your streaming devices. Alas, these three movies I am about to talk about are not free on Amazon Prime but they are in Amazon Instant Video library for a pretty cheap rental, or own fee... trust you won't feel bad about owning any of these.

I thank Cece for our horror movie cuddle time.

1st - Starry Eyes

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You meet a young aspiring actress living in LA, going on auditions, and generally have the struggle to get into the industry. When she finally gets what she thinks is her big break.

Now upon watching this and chewing on it for a day or two, I can say safely don't over think this plot. Really don't put a lot of thought in it, just kind of let it wash over you and enjoy the gore filled ride. The ending left me going ... "Okay..." Lol. But I didn't regret it. Also the lead actress (Alexandra Essoe) is fantastic. Slight warning for the actor Noah Segan, he was in that wretched film DeadGirl...

2nd - As Above, So Below

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So good. A French-American movie, I believe. It's got a blend of kids in it which is nice. It feels like a few different horror movies kind of rolled into one. There's a bit of Silent Hill, a bit of The Descent... they hint to a lot of movies that came before it, while never really becoming a remake of them. It plays around with tropes and never loses momentum. The ending tied things up pretty nicely, and is kind of fulfilling like when you complete a level on a video game.

3rd - Babadook

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An Australian movie, that honestly scared the shit out of me for a good chunk of time. Til I put it together, and once I put it together it was haunting and sticks with you. Without giving too much away, I'd keep some tissue around and a light on for the night while you process this story of a mother and son. Him dealing with the loss of his father, and behavioral problems. His mother struggling to keep some community, and support network around them both.

The child actor is adorable and amazing for such an emotionally intense role. He deals with the precocious child scenes just as well as the haunted child scenes. I would say this is a definite must-see, above the other two.

Bonus (because I just saw a trailer for it and forgot I'd seen it within the same week):

I have mixed feelings on this movie. But enjoyed the ride and the fact that the lead character is temporarily disabled. Something I don't think I've seen in a horror movie in a while. She spends 1/3 of the movie wheelchair bound and you never get the vibe that they're exploiting her disability for the sake of the movie. It's just part of the characters story, you experience the trauma with her, and they continue to move forward.. as life does. The director doesn't harp.

But when it comes to the story, once you put it together and you probably will pretty quickly it's kind of underwhelming? The ending was shooting for a Skeleton Key like MIC DROP (Kate Hudson's line at the end was awesome). But kind of fizzled.

All of these are available in the Amazon Instant Video library to rent or own.

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