Last night I mentioned Edward Lee's Lucifer's Lottery and a person wrote a really good review of it. Lee is vastly different then Koontz, King and Saul or most best selling horror writers. His books delve into evil and the supernatural. It seems Matheson's Hell House is kinda his inspiration, that ghost was driven by sex and manipulated sexual desire. In Lee's books he dives into not just violence and anger that inhabit the motivations of many of the evil entities that inhabit Kings and the other best sellers but sex being the motivation. Slither and his Dracula book Brides of the Impaler both used that motif. Slither actually was about aliens who used gigantic worms that stimulated the sex drive. Lee is very, very raw. Over the top at times but far more adult oriented horror novelist.

Sex in horror novels by and large usually were alluded to or avoided. Its like writers think "we can get teens to read our horror novels but if sex is part of it, parents will be outraged, must keep the teen readers". I mentioned Lee's Lucifer Lottery is vomit inducing, it is. I would also say for his books need huge TW warnings also. Anyone ever read his novels?