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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Horror/Suspense/Thriller Netflix or otherwise accessible (coughcough) recs

Hey dudes. It's January, I'm at the beginning of my first full work week in almost a month, I'm exhausted, I've got itchies in my throat, and the lunch I packed today sucked. As such, I'm fiending to go home, curl up in bed and watch (after ravenously hate-love-hate watching Sherlock) a good horror, suspense, or thriller move. Like a really good one. Do you wonderful human beings have any good recommendations?

This is probably going to expose me as a sad movie watcher but here are some things that I have already seen and enjoyed that come to mind when I envision this glorious snuggled up and full of tasty food night:

Silence of the Lambs

The Skeleton Key

Any of the Batman movies


Shutter Island

Sixth Sense

Basically anything that while I'm watching it might make me feel like I'm potentially using my brain and slightly scared.


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