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Horrorstor discussion!

Follow the floor arrows... if you dare! Mwah ha ha ha!

(Spoilers throughout, of course.)

Alrighty, guys—I’ll post a few questions to get us started but please feel free to add questions to the convo, too!


Here goes:

1. First, what do you think of the clever formatting? How did it add it your enjoyment/understanding of the book? Would the book be as good if it were just a straightforward novel?

2. When the employees of ORSK become penitents, do they really decide they deserve punishment on their own (out of guilt)? Or is the haunted house/ORSK messing with their minds? How do you know? And how does it affect your experience of the book?

3. Did Amy’s experience as a penitent remind you of any similar guilty self-talk? Or, more generally, what insight can these characters offer you into your own life?


4. What do you think of the end of the book? Are you hopeful?

5. Fox is developing a TV series version of Horrorstor: who should be cast in it? How the heck are they going to make this for TV?


6. What’s the worst thing about working retail: the customers, corporate BS, or the possibility of being tortured, then murdered? I’m leaning towards customers but the corporate BS can be pretty bad...


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