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Last nigh/this morningt Child woke up at midnight complaining of stomach pain. They ralphed frequently until 2:00 pm, couldn’t hold anything down. 3:00 pm and we finally decided that this wasn’t going well and I drove them to the ER, expecting rehydration, etc. At 6:30 we were finally seen and—it’s appendicitis.

They’re in surgery right now (it’s as routine as surgery gets—I had mine out when I was 45 or so) and then I’m going to crash in their room until 8:00 or so, when Spouse will arrive and I go off to meet with clients.

It’s been a couple of days, people!

UPDATE: Thanks all, they’re doing fine. Likely enjoying the drugs a little to much, but this happens. They’re saying home by 11:00 (It’s something after 7:00 here now, so that’s good).


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